Eyelash Shampoo and Brushes



Our very own eyelash shampoo and brushes 😍 So excited they are finally here!!! So why is it important to keep your lashes clean? By cleaning your lash extensions daily you’ll see an improvement in long term retention, meaning your lashes will look fuller for longer. Not caring for your lashes means you may see premature lash loss and find yourself losing lashes quickly. It’s also a common thing to hear you can’t get your lashes wet as this will ruin the adhesive bond.. this is not true. You can still shower as normal. Good lash aftercare will also help prevent infections. Your natural lashes are there to prevent bacteria from getting into your eyes and lash extensions do the same job. But if you’re not cleaning your extensions the bacteria will start to build up and could cause an infection. Poor aftercare can also result in a build-up of dead skin and makeup on the lash line. So when you go in for your infill your lash technician will struggle to apply extensions to unclean lashes and the bond will be affected resulting in your lashes not lasting. So please keep them nice and clean ☺️


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